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Long Thread Media

Spin-Off, Winter 1994 Digital Edition

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Discover the joys of spinning angora fiber in this issue of Spin-Off!

Metta Brown is going to give you some angora basics. Plus, you will gain tips for spinning angora, advice on how much twist to add, keys to shopping for angora fiber, and some suggestions for experimenting with the it. Then, take a gander at the handspun gallery, all featuring items made in angora. Finally, learn about the unusual satin angora, a specific breed of Angora rabbit that’s fiber is more lustrous and comes in great depth and intensity of color than its cousins. You will learn about satin angora’s origins and fiber as well as get tips for spinning this unique material.

Other feature articles include:

  • Dye Tricks with Center Pull Balls by Nancy Roberts, Julie Busch, and Kathleen Jantz-Koprivnik
  • Using a Drum Carder: Part I, The Basics by Beverly A. Nissen
  • Making the Most of Your Spinning Wheel: The Louet S-10 by Rita Buchanan
  • The Louet Mini Wheel by Jan Plass
  • And more!

Projects in this issue include a baby sweater, felt slippers, a faux Fair Isle sweater, a Florentine pillow, an angora scarf, an angora/silk shawl, quick booties, and a diamond twill saddle blanket. 

This magazine is a scanned copy.