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Long Thread Media

Spin Off, Winter 1988 Digital Edition

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Discover the second part of a spinning wheel discourse, some facts and myths about felt, a look at Lincoln, and advice on labeling your handspun creations.

Table of Contents:
  • Lincoln: A Fiber for Durable Visions by Stanley Bulbach
  • Know Your Sheep Breeds: Lincoln by Linda Berry Walker
  • Foxy Locks by Linda Berry Walker
  • Spin Off Book of World Records: Handspun Swatches
  • Handspun Gallery
  • Maine Island Sheep by Donna Kauson
  • A Discourse on Spinning Wheels, Part II
  • Selling It Like It Is: The Art and Craft of Labeling by Karey Solomon
  • Felt—Myths and Reality by Kate Martinson
  • Advertisers' Index
  • Books
  • Calendar
  • Classified Ads
  • Editor's Desk
  • Equipment Review
  • Fiber Review
  • Letters
  • Product News
  • Readers Ask
  • Spinning Guild News & Views
  • Tips & Techniques
  • Ask Ms. Spinster about a jacket by Patsy Zawistoski
  • Start to Finish Blue and Brown Sweater by Rita Buchanan
  • The Last Word: On SOAR '88 by Dale Pettigrew
  • Island Fleece Pullover by Hélène Rush & Rachael Emmons
  • Blue and Brown Sweater by Rita Buchanan
  • Soft Singles Tam and Scarf by Linda Ligon