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Long Thread Media

Spin Off, Winter 1984 Digital Edition

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In this issue, find inspiration in a handspun wedding gown, lace shawl, and ikat kimono in show and tell. Learn how to knit from a paper pattern. Discover how to spin knitting yarns for traditional ethnic sweaters. Find out how to spin yarns that pill less. Explore spinning with ramie, a bast fiber.

Table of Contents:
  • Show & Tell
  • A handspun wedding gown
  • A fine lace shawl
  • A prize-winning suit
  • An ikat-spun kimono
  • Making gloves that fit
  • A tale of two knitteds by Maureen Preen
  • Knitting from a paper pattern by Betty Keeler
  • Spinning traditional knitting yarns for ethnic sweaters by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts
  • My wonderful llamas and their wool by Marian Oyen Thormahlen
  • A soft pink throw by Betty Keeler
  • Spinning unique and useable yarns by Sandra Donohue
  • Rx: Pills by Dawn Leggett
  • Whither pills? by Elizabeth Zimmermann
  • A practical approach to the great wheel by Donna Reynolds
  • Two heads are better than one, or A story with a good twist by Lee Kirschner
  • Fabric of the Lake District: Herdwick Sheep by Andrew B. Humphries
  • Mohair: a multimillion dollar industry for Australia by Isabel Gray
  • Ramie by Celia Quinn
  • Profile: Carol Clivio, wizard of spinning by Phyllis Rossiter
  • Editor's Desk
  • Letters
  • Spinning Guild News & Views by Ann W. Klinect
  • Books
  • Calendar
  • Product News

Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors