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Long Thread Media

Spin Off, Winter 1983 Digital Edition

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In this issue, get tips on spinning for a finished project competition. Learn alternative ways methods for wool combing. Uncover the history of alpaca fiber. Spin cotton on the go. Plus, a handspinner’s guide to selecting a fleece.

Table of Contents:
  • The Bernard Barton Spinning Wheel—1766
  • Spinning with Susie by Ron Chacey
  • Wonderful Worsted II: Alternate Methods of Woolcombing by Iris Dozer
  • Worsted Spinning by Mary Zoller
  • Spinning For a Finished Product Competition by Florence Feldman-Wood
  • There’s a lady out Bantry Bay way by Toni Condon Rubbert
  • The Continuous Thread, Part 3: From Flax Seed to Linen Cloth by Wheeler Calhoun and Lee Kirschner
  • Have Spindle Will Travel by Joan Ruane
  • Learning the Ropes: Abaca by Charlotte Coffman
  • Go For It! by Lois A. Eldridge
  • A Handspinner’s Guide to Fleece Selection and Evaluation by Vicki Hiersch
  • Editor’s Desk
  • Letters
  • Calendar
  • Spinning Guild News & Views
  • Product News
  • Product Reviews
  • Quest & Query
  • The Oedipus Jacket by Carol McClennen
  • Handspun Jacket
  • Handspun Rainbow Sweater by D. Lorraine Chilton