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Long Thread Media

Spin Off Summer 2023

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Our Summer issue recognizes that there are myriad ways that we, as spinners, can repair and improve the world around us. Read about how one art therapist and fiber farmer uses spinning for self-care. Learn when to replace drive and brake bands on your favorite wheel for a smoother spin. Discover how to revive your compacted spinning fibers by steaming, combing, and carding. And read about experimenting with different darning looms to mend a beloved sweater.

  • Learn how to knit a pair of socks with a replaceable sole.
  • Use nepps, noils, and more to create upcycled textural blends using three drumcarding techniques.
  • See how one spinner gave new life to an unloved but handmade sweater by cutting, sewing, and restructuring for the perfect garment.



  • Fresh Bands, Smooth Spin: When to Replace Drive and Brake Bands and What to Use by Amy Tyler
  • Revive: Fixing Compacted Spinning Fibers by Lauren McElroy
  • The Handspun Patch: A Spinner Explores Darning Looms by Madeline Keller-King
  • Gallery of Handspun Mends
  • Textile Coping: Spinning for Mood Repair and Self-Care by Lisa Mitchell
  • The Wheel That Keeps on Giving by Sara C. Bixler
  • Four Restored and Antique Spinning Wheels by Heavenly Bresser
  • Woolgathering on Dartmoor by A. Alcorn
  • Inspired by Poppies: Dyeing for Kaffe Fassett-Style Colorwork by Jane Woodhouse
  • Upcycled Textural Blends: Nepps, Noils, Threads & More by Emily Wohlscheid
  • Colorways at the Wheel: Designing Stripes and Other Repeatable Patterns by Jacqueline Harp
  • Renew an Unloved Sweater: Spin, Weave, Cut & Sew by JoAnne Nakonechny
  • Renewing Spindle Hooks by Helen Barbara Mawdsley
  • Swiss Darning: Tutorial and Tips for Spinning Mending Yarns by Kate Larson
  • Make-Do and Mend Socks with Replaceable Sole by Marcia Weinert