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Long Thread Media

Spin Off Summer 2021

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Explore one of the core elements of spinning—twist—in the Summer 2021 issue of Spin Off. Find out how fiber artist Sahara Briscoe adapted what she learned about measuring twist from Mabel Ross to her own spinning practice. Discover how energized singles can add dimension to your weaving from Denise Bolger Kovnat. Uncover the stories told by ancient yarns found at historic sites. Gayle Vallance helps you conquer spinning cabled yarns using three formulas, ranging from intuitive to technical. And join Emily Wohlscheid as she looks at twist as a design element in color-swirl singles.

  • Get tips for spinning authentic Shetland fine lace yarns from Elizabeth Johnston. 
  • Carson Demers helps you find the best body position and chair style for your time at the wheel.
  • Spinning teacher Amy Tyler answers the fundamental question, “What is a whorl?”
  • Plus, three projects to knit, weave, and crochet with your handspun.