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Spin-Off, Summer 2015 Digital Edition

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Spin-Off Summer 2015
Digital Issue

The Spin-Off Summer 2015 issue puts myths under scrutiny to see which are true, which are partly true, and which have no basis in fact. Uncover the true origins of Andean plying with Abby Franquemont. Learn seven tips for making more yarn, discover the top ten reasons to predraft, and follow Alden Amos and Stephenie Gaustad to uncover the secrets of the forbidden fiber, hemp. Spin and weave your very own Lobster Pot Scarf Pattern, by Stephanie Flynn Sokolov, which pairs a 60/40 blend of Merino and flax with a commercial yarn to create a soft and comfortable layering accessory. In this issue, Constance Hall and other experienced spinners offer practical knowledge for new (and learning) spinners to avoid those common mistakes. Devin Helmen challenges conventional weaving wisdom, explaining that weaving with handspun is not as difficult as the warnings suggest; in fact, it can be rather exhilarating and fun! Turn the pages to break out of spinning ruts, challenge the conventional wisdom, and see your spinning through new eyes. With 5 inspiring projects and articles from experienced spinners, unlock the ultimate truths and legends of spinning!

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