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Long Thread Media

Spin-Off, Summer 1995 Digital Edition

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Experience the heritage of spinning! This issue will connect you with spinning’s past so that you can build your spinning future. Michelle Green tells her journey of designing, spinning, and crocheting, a sheep motif vest as well as a medieval farmhouse wall hanging. Discover Soay, a sheep whose fiber goes back to the Stone Age. Norma Neill explores the heritage of spinning in the Western Isles off the coast of Scotland.


The Handspun Gallery offers inspiration with a rainbow cardigan, a sheltie and Jacob sweater, hooked tapestry, a Scandinavian Star sampler sweater, and more. Plus, learn how to blend with a drum carder, read about  a handspinner’s experiments with kenaf, discover the evolution of a jacket, and learn how to spice dye superwash yarns. Rita Buchanan also has a look at the Ashford Traditional spinning wheel.


Projects in this issue include a vest, a ridged jacket, a hempen angel, and a matching scarf and tam.


In every issue, you will be amazed at the amount of information packed into these pages:

  • Be inspired by spinners from all over the world. In each issue, you’ll meet spinners with unique stories to tell.
  • Explore a variety of spinning techniques. Get an up-close look at piles of gorgeous handspun yarns and learn how to make them for yourself.
  • Test your spinning skills with projects that use your handspun yarns.
  • And so much more!

This issue was scanned from an original print issue.

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Spin-Off Summer 1995 Digital Edition