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Spin Off, Summer 1992 Digital Edition

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Learn all about flax and linen in this issue of Spin Off magazine, with an understanding of flax from seed to fiber, techniques for spinning flax, and even an in-depth look at spinning linen for bobbin lace. Plus, knit accessories for all seasons with your handspun yarn, and discover Andean weaving and spinning techniques of high-twist yarns.

Table of Contents:
  • Fiber Basics: English Leicester by Jane Fournier
  • The Family Blanket by Jude and David Daurelle
  • It is in the Water by Barb Quinn
  • Handspun Gallery
  • Silk Needlepoint Box by Janet Bowe-Bosch
  • Felted Jacket with Knitted Sleeves by Sidney Black
  • Man's Vest from Jacob Fleece by Meta Thompson
  • Silk/Merino Fair Isle Vest by Mary M. Crisp
  • Child's Sweater and Hood by Gina M. Hills
  • Flax and Linen
  • A Gallery of Handspun Flax
  • The Flax Museum by Mary A. Chase
  • Flax from Seed to Fiber by Mary A. Chase
  • Spinning Flax Roving by Claire Westerink
  • An Introduction to Spinning Line Flax by Linda Heinrich
  • Spinning Flax for Bobbin Lace by Kathie Mellinger Plack
  • Wool/Mohair Felt by Shirley Browsky
  • Traveling Shawl by Donna Muller
  • Tracking Down More Moving Spindle Wheels by Florence Feldman-Wood
  • Spinning for Andean Weaving in Suburban Massachusetts by Debbie Watson
  • What's in the Wash? by Pat Slaven
  • Advertisers' Index
  • Books
  • Calendar
  • Classified Ads
  • Editor's Desk
  • Letters
  • News
  • Product News
  • Readers Ask
  • Spinners' Connection
  • Tips & Techniques
  • The Family Blanket by Jude and David Daurelle
  • Knitted Summer Top by Val Slemko
  • Brimmed Hat by Shirley Browsky
  • Felted Mittens by Shirley Browsky
  • Traveling Shawl by Donna Muller