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Spin Off, Summer 1985 Digital Edition

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In this issue, learn about spinning alpaca fiber, working with cotton, spinning yarn for knitting machines, finishing woolen knitting yarn, Navajo plying techniques, and more. Projects include a felt vest, hat and mittens, and a knitted tabard.

Table of Contents:
  • Let's go for a spin by Lillian Byerly
  • An appeal from the American sheep farmers by Ingrid Painter
  • Show and Tell
  • Planning a Spinning Demonstration by Donna Reynolds
  • Handspinning for a knitting machine by Catherine Cartwright-Jones
  • A closer look at Alpacas by Elayne Zorn & Juan Cutipa Colque
  • Alpaca in the Raw by Ann Asman
  • Fiber Foray: Ginned Cotton by Celia Quinn
  • A Croatian Shirt by Stephenie Gaustad
  • Mercerizing: Not for everyone by Alden Amos
  • Why spin cotton? by Ella Baker
  • Hooked Stick by Celia Quinn
  • Notes on Navajo Plying by Wendy Bateman
  • Finishing a Woolen Knitting Yarn by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts
  • A Feltmaking Experience by Diane Betts
  • Working with Lincoln lamb's wool by Diane Betts
  • Wool as a Cottage Industry by Paula Simmons
  • Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool? by Stanley Bulbach
  • Craft to College Credit by Cora Bowman
  • A Selected Bibliography for Handspinners by Sue Lacey
  • Profile: Mabel Ross by Lee Raven
  • The Editor's Desk
  • Letters
  • Spinning Guild News & Views by Ann W. Klinect
  • Tips & Techniques
  • News Clips
  • Calendar
  • Product News ibc
  • Felt Vest, Hat and Mittens by Diane Betts
  • Knit Tabard by Diane Betts
Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors

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