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Long Thread Media

Spin Off Spring 2020

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As temperatures begin to rise, embrace the bounty of the warmer seasons with Spin Off Spring 2020, The Botanical Issue. Don’t wait for tender seedlings to sprout! Get a head start and read all about working with plant fibers and more. Uncover the history of Sea Island cotton. Explore the unexpected shades produced when dyeing with lichens, avocados, and madder root. Get to know the long, silky fibers of ramie. Features include:

  • Learn to make cordage from garden waste.
  • Discover how members of the Tulalip tribe processed a variety of fibers for weaving, including a woolly dog bred for fiber.
  • Find out how classical plant breeding gave us green cotton with Sally Fox.
  • Add twist to paper and practice a Japanese textile tradition.

Plus, find projects to knit and weave.