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Long Thread Media

Spin-Off, Spring 1994 Digital Edition

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Dive into new techniques, new skills, and new inspiration with this issue of Spin-Off.

First, you will explore the luxurious fiber of alpaca by getting fiber basics from Jane Fournier and then getting instructions for weaving a scarf from handspun alpaca.

Then, grapple with the question of “why spin?” with other spinners. We’ve asked five different spinners why they spin, how often they spin, their favorite part of spinning, and more. The answers varied and by reading what they say, you might learn things about yourself and why you love spinning so much.

You will also get an intriguing insight into dealing with physical and creative obstacles by reading the inspiring stories of other spinners who have overcame great things through spinning. Meet Jan McFadden, a one handed spinner. Learn from Katherine Cobey, a spinner who turns clothing into art to express the many aspects of life. Joan Jarvis Ellison will teach you how to alleviate pain caused by those pesky “-itises,” such as tendonitis and arthritis, while spinning. Marcia Wakeland shows you how to be kind to your back so that you don’t experience pain or problems while spinning.

Other great feature articles include:

  • How to Produce Your Own Small Fiber Fair by Mary Alice Denson
  • What to Look for in an Antique Wheel by William Ralph
  • Drum Carding of Fine Fleeces by Robin Samuels-Grace
  • And more!

Projects in this issue include a baby coat, a woven alpaca scarf, and some crocheted pillows.

This magazine is a scanned copy.