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Long Thread Media

Spin Off, Spring 1983 Digital Edition

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Explore an amazing fiber from the north, Musk Ox (qiviut). Learn how to spin on a Charkha. Cultivate flax from seed to linen and weave a towel. Pick up your knitting needles and give reversible two-faced knitting (aka double knitting) a try.

Table of Contents:
  • The Musk Ox by Helen Griffiths Howard
  • Some Hints on Spinning Musk Ox Wool by E. Marguerite Cornwall
  • Musk Ox Projects
  • Spinning on the Charkha by Lee Raven
  • The Continuous Thread: From Flax Seed to Linen Cloth by Wheeler Calhoun & Lee Kirschner
  • Handspun Linen Towels by Celia Quinn
  • Spanish Colonial Spindle Whorls: The History and the Art by JL Spradley
  • Fiber Properties: Tenacity by Lee Raven
  • Reversible Two-Faced Knitting by Carol Thilenius
  • Summary of Wool Bureau Report on Musk Ox Fiber by Fran Reed
  • Sweatshirt with Options by Ann W. Klinect
  • The Editor's Desk
  • Letters
  • Spinning Guild News & Views by Ann W. Klinect
  • Calendar
  • Spinner's Forum
  • Tropos—Part 3 by Stanley Bulback
  • A Consideration of Professionalism by Donna Reynolds