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Spin-Off Presents: Weaving with Handspun eBook

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Learn to take your spinning from the wheel to the loom with Weaving with Handspun

Weaving offers a lot of diversity for a spinner. You can work with singles and multiple plies. You can use every source of fiber imaginable, from wool and silk to cotton and flax. Plus, weaving gives you a large variety of uses for your handspun yarns without being extremely complicated.

Weaving with Handspun is a handy eBook filled with an abundance of information to get you going on a loom as well as a wheel (or spindle). The Spin-Off editors have selected articles from the past 30 years of Spin-Off to give you this concise resource. There is a wide range of techniques for both spinning and weaving that will intrigue every spinner while still being attainable to the interested weaver.

With this eBook, you will:

  • Learn tricks for spinning cotton for bed linens and dish towels
  • Discover clever methods for spinning silk specifically for weaving
  • Find twelve insightful lessons about weaving with handspun yarn that will give ease to any weaving
  • Gain great tips for spinning flax into linen
  • Play with textures by learning to ply wool and silk for plain weave
  • See how yarns with a little extra twist can create interesting fabrics when woven
  • Learn how a handspun singles warp doesn't have to be dismissed or even intimidating in your weaving
  • And so much more!

Articles come from expert spinners and weavers alike, such as Jane Patrick, Linda Ligon, Liz Gipson, Rita Buchanan, Sara Lamb, and many more. Plus, there are nine weaving projects that will make you excited to start spinning and weaving!

With over 40 pages of spinning and weaving advice, this eBook is sure to a go-to resource. Get yours today!