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Spin-Off Presents: Spinning for Crochet eBook

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Discover the wonders and the tricks for spinning to crochet.

Crochet offers a myriad of possibilities for yarn, design, and structure. With crochet, you can literally go in any direction--the loops can be formed in straight organized lines or they can be piled on each other, building amazing textures and shapes.

With crochet, you can make big chunky cat baskets or intricate fine blouses the color of sunsets and moonrises; you can make lacy bags to hold your yarn while you work or tightly worked bags to hold your oil bottle. As you form the loops, you'll see that the possibilities are seemingly endless--each creates more options, more directions you can go.

The same is true for handspinning--you choose your fiber, color, texture, and grist. Do you want a fine soft cotton or lustrous wool with a touch of silk? Do you want a thick, chaffy, bulky rope or a fine laceweight yarn? Are you going to keep the natural brown or dye your fiber to reflect the color of the heavens?

All this choice, though, can get a little overwhelming. That's when it is nice to have a little structure and guidance. This eBook provides just that--a look at why spinning is so well paired with crochet and how to use the elements of both to produce beautiful, functional pieces that will inspire you for decades to come.

In this eBook you will:


  • Learn about old world crochet--the precursor to modern crochet from a variety of cultures--and get a better understanding of its history.
  • Discover what different twist directions do to your crochet.
  • Find what it takes to dye with natural dyes.
  • Get eight crochet patterns for hats, bags, a vest and a shawl.