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Spin-Off Presents: 8 Handspun Scarves to Felt, Knit, and Weave eBook

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What wardrobe is complete without a scarf or two or twenty? And what knitter, spinner, felter, or weaver hasn't made a scarf? It is often the first project that beginners take up and yet, scarves aren't just beginner projects--stepping stones to learning more complicated patterns--they can be simple or complex, fast or labor-intensive. Scarves can be anything you want them to be: from purely functional to incredibly expressive, easy to challenging, loudly colorful to subtly neutral.

This eBook contains eight patterns for handspun scarves taken from past issues of Spin.Off, to get your spinning wheel purring and your needles or loom clicking. Work with fibers such as cashmere, silk, Shropshire-Romney cross wool, Corriedale, Merino, and more! Not only do these scarves offer a wide variety of fibers to work with, but also techniques from lace knitting, to bead embellishments, to simple weave structures.