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Long Thread Media

Spin Off Fall 2022

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Our annual tool issue turns the spotlight on spinning wheels. Discover the often-missed measurements that can help you choose the best wheel for your body. Learn how the Coast Salish peoples adapted traditional spindles into treadle spinners, influencing wheels that might be in your house today. Find out if 3D printing could be the solution for broken or missing parts on antique wheels. And tackle wheel adjustments for spinning a blend of cotton and cottonized hemp.

  • Spin a strong, tweedy yarn and knit the ultimate shorty socks.
  • Sew a custom denim cover for your handcards using a vintage Spin Off
  • Explore machine knitting using handspun (and hear why you should give it a try).


  • Spinning Comfortably: Choosing and Using the Best Wheel for Your Body, by Carson Demers
  • The Ultimate Tweedy Sock Yarn for Active Feet, by Deborah Held
  • The Salish Spinner: Innovation, Evolution, and Adaptation, by Liz Hammond-Kaarremaa
  • Quebec Wheel Song, by Joanne Seiff
  • Mechanics Made Easy: Making Friends with Your Spinning Wheel, by Elana Goodfellow
  • 3D Printing & Antique Wheels: A Spinner Explores Replacement Parts, by Meagan Condon
  • Machine Knitting with Handspun: Would the Luddites Approve? by Mary Renstrom
  • Spinning Symbols: Three Embellished Tools with Stories to Tell, by Riley Kleve
  • An Ode to Onion Skins: Modifying a Humble Dyestuff, by Madeline Keller-King
  • The One Acre Exchange Blend: Spinning Cotton and Cottonized Hemp, by Kerry Bullock-Ozkan
  • Toe-Up Tweed and the Sporty-Shortie Socks, by Deborah Held
  • Handy Dandy Denim Card Cover, by Susan Bradshaw and Angela K. Schneider
  • Autumn Forest Scarf: Silk Hankies and Undulating Twill, by Malynda Allen