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Long Thread Media

Spin Off, Fall 1984 Digital Edition

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Sometimes the options for spinners seem endless: Do you want to spin wool, silk, cotton, or flax? What equipment will you use? Does the fiber or yarn need to be dyed? If so, will you use natural or synthetic dyes? From fleece to yarn, discover how to make the best choices and get the results you want.

Table of Contents:
  • A Selected Bibliography for Handspinners by Sue Lacey
  • Spin Off Book of World Records “Spin For A Scarf” winners; Swatch Competition Mentions; New “Finest Thread” record; 1985 “Something Old-Something New” contest
  • Selecting Fibers—Spinner’s Choice
  • Wool: Choosing a Domestic Fleece by Linda Berry Walker
  • Wool: Mill-Prepared for Handspinners by Barbara R. Wheeler
  • Wool: Selecting British Fleeces by Eliza Leadbeater
  • Wool: From Fleece to Knitting Yarn by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts
  • Silk: A Fiber of Many Faces by Celia Quinn
  • Flax: Yarn Design Determines Choice by Eliza Leadbeater
  • Cotton: What Should You Ask For? by Olive Linder
  • Getting Started With Chemical Dyes by Linda Knutson
  • Using Natural Dyes by Anne Bliss
  • Fiber Foray: Spinning Silk Cap and Mawata by Celia Quinn
  • Annual Suppliers Directory
  • Behind the Wheel by Anne Bliss
  • Letters
  • Guild News & Views by Ann Klinect
  • Classified Ads
  • A Dye Sampler Pullover by Glenda Van Sickle
  • Fair Isle Vest by Glenda Van Sickle
  • A Three-Ply Coat Sweater with Collar by Sue Lacey

Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors