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Spin-Off 1993-1994 Collection Download

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Experience all 8 hard-to-find issues of Spin-Off from 1993 and 1994 exactly as they were printed!

With this collection you will get two years worth of spinning tips, tricks and techniques, as well as great articles on spinning wheels, spinning wool from Cormo to Rambouillet, carding fiber, and so much more.

Plus, there are over 35 projects to use up your handspun as well as sever handspun galleries to give you the best inspiration.

Spin-Off Spring 1993 – Create a unique and sturdy handspun rug with this issue. Plus, get a look at spinning on a great wheel and get an overview of Cormo fiber. Projects include a handspun afghan, a brown cotton blouse, an open-neck vest, and a handsome sweater for your feline friend.

Spin-Off Summer 1993 – With this issue you will discover the joys of musk ox fiber, learn about solar dyeing, and get tips for hand carding. Projects include some handspun, hand-twined baskets that are perfect for small amounts of yarn, a lace poncho, and a v-shaped shawl.

Spin-Off Fall 1993 – Find fiber basics on Clun Forest, get a look at combing for worsted yarns, and create the Beginner’s Sweater in this issue. Also learn how to make your handspinning pay for itself, discover some angora blends, and more. Projects include a turquoise vest, a Victorian pineapple purse, and some finger puppets.

Spin-Off Winter 1993 – This issue is all about handspun blankets, from tips to projects. Also find tips for spinning right and left handed, get a look at Columbia fiber, and a lesson on measuring twist. Projects include a girl’s bonnet, sweater vests, a baby blanket, a textured afghan, a crocheted afghan, four simple ways to make squares, a lace collar, and some funky jester hats for kids.

Spin-Off Spring 1994 –In this issue you will discover alpaca fiber, learn to deal with physical and creative obstacles in spinning, and find pillows to crochet. Other projects include a sample coat and a woven alpaca scarf.

Spin-Off Summer 1994 – Discover silk in this issue, from a handspun gallery of silk projects to raising silk worms. There are also articles on Montadale fiber, techniques for beautiful tweeds, conditioning hand cards, and carding cotton. Projects include a very easy vest to knit, woven wool/angora scarf, unspun mawata scarves, and a qiviut/silk blouse.

Spin-Off Fall 1994 – This issue focuses on techniques for machine knitting and gives a gallery of machine-knitting pieces. There is also a look at Tunisian crochet as well as a look at Rambouillet fiber. Projects include a handwoven sweater, a sheep hat, a machine-knitted sheep, and a three-rib beret.

Spin-Off Winter 1994 – Discover angora fiber, get the basics of using a drum carder, weave a saddle blanket, find basics for using a drum carder and more with this issue. Projects include a baby sweater, felt slippers, a faux Fair Isle sweater, a Florentine pillow, an angora scarf, an angora/silk shawl, quick booties, and a diamond twill saddle blanket.

As with all our Spin-Off Collections, you get spinning inspiration at your fingertips. You can get this Collection as either a CD or Download. Just look at the advantages:

  • Browse each issue quickly with a time-saving electronic index.
  • Search keywords such as master spinners, spinning techniques, products or equipment.
  • These Collections take up less space than print issues and won’t wear or tear.
  • Save money when you get a whole collection of Spin-Off than if you got the print issues individually.

These issues were scanned from original printed issues.

Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors