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Spin-Off 1991-1992 Collection Download

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Experience all 8 hard-to-find past issues of Spin-Off from 

1991 and 1992, exactly as they were originally printed!

With this collection of Spin-Off magazine, you will get two years worth of spinning tips, tricks and techniques, as well as great articles on spinning wheels, fibers, and more. Plus, there are an abundance of projects to use up your handspun, and several handspun galleries to give you the best spinning inspiration.

As with all our Spin-Off Collections, you get spinning inspiration at your fingertips. You can get this Collection as either a CD or Download. Just look at the advantages:

  • Browse each issue quickly with a time-saving electronic index.
  • Search keywords such as master spinners, spinning techniques, products or equipment.
  • These Collections take up less space than print issues and won’t wear or tear.
  • Save money when you get a whole collection of Spin-Off than if you got the print issues individually.

*The issues included in this collection were scanned from original printed issues.

Inside this 1991-1992 Spin-Off collection:

Spin-Off Spring 1991: Full of spinning techniques and informative articles, this issue of Spin-Off features the ABC’s of a sheep-to-shawl strategy, steps to figuring out how much yarn is enough for your next projects, and tons of reasons to spin fine yarn—or not! Plus knit an angora and Merino pullover and weave friendship scarves with your handspun.

Spin-Off Summer 1991: Learn about Cheviot sheep, discover mohair, and discuss wool combs and combing in this issue of Spin-Off magazine. Spin and knit your own sixteenth-century-style cap, spin from a freshly shorn sheep, and knit a simple cardigan and wooly vest. Plus, look at how spinning has connected us all with wool and handspinning stamps of the world.

Spin-Off Fall 1991: Full of projects, in this issue of Spin-Off you can crochet or knit a variety of mittens, knit a simple vest or a man’s sweater vest out of dog down, weave a jacket or checkered scarf, and dive into Fair Isle techniques with colorful handspun and instructions for knitting a child’s cardigan. Plus, this issue features part two: more about mohair.

Spin-Off Winter 1991: Share the world of spinning with a basic primer on teaching new spinners in this issue of Spin-Off. With fiber basics, constructing a dye shed, and choosing the right wool, to learning to spin from the fold and dyeing techniques, this issue also features silk scarf projects for the weaver and a boy’s pullover for the knitter.

Spin-Off Spring 1992: Discover European tools and techniques with a look at spinning wheels from Europe, Viking wool combs, the art of handspindles and sitting distaffs, and a look at spinning in Slovakia in this issue of Spin-Off. Plus, learn about tapestry weaving with your handspun, and knit lace and Fair Isle sweaters.

Spin-Off Summer 1992: Learn all about flax and linen in this issue of Spin-Off magazine, with an understanding of flax from seed to fiber, techniques for spinning linen roving, and even an in-depth look at spinning linen for bobbin lace. Plus, knit accessories for all seasons with your handspun yarn, and discover Andean weaving and spinning techniques of high-twist yarns.

Spin-Off Fall 1992: Measure your yarn, part 1; make it first and then dye it, learn about backyard dyeing techniques, and move from handcards to industrialization in this issue of Spin-Off. Plus, decide when to block or not, play with cashmere, weave scarves and a pullover, and even create Dorset-button earrings with your handspun.

Spin-Off Winter 1992: Dive into knitted handspun socks with this issue of Spin-Off magazine featuring the basics of knitting socks, variations, a glimpse of sock history, and ideas for choosing the right fiber and yarn to make your socks last. Plus, read about bulky singles for knitting, meet world-class spinners, and learn entrelac knitting techniques.

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Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors