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Spin-Off 1989-1990 Collection Download

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Enjoy all ten issues of Spin-Off magazine exactly as they were originally printed in 1989 and 1990.

Here’s a look at the spinning tips, tricks, stories, and more you will find in these issues:

Spring 1989: Learn how to be both efficient and resourceful with this issue of Spin-Off. Plus, weave a simple fleece floor rug before the sheep grow a new coat and discover the advantages and disadvantages of knitting machines.

Summer 1989: Full of experiments, this issue of Spin-Off plays with cashmere and cashgora, explores the benefits behind a good fleece, and studies the purpose of boiling wool. Projects include a woven rainbow wall hanging, silk kimono, and camel down vest.

Fall 1989: Create several woven scarfs and top off the comfy look with fisherman’s knitted mittens and two silk bags in this issue of Spin-Off. Plus, study the processes of medieval dying, and fine wool washing then try them out yourself!

Winter 1989: Discover cultural spinning traditions with this issue of Spin-Off with spinning history in the Shetland Islands, distinctive knitting types practiced in Bavaria, and spinning customs with Shakers. Plus, weave a Karakul rug, knit a silk scarf, and hook a fuzzy rug!

Spring 1990: Realize the value of not planning, receive trade secrets of plying, and learn the simple steps to start your own spinning guild with this issue of Spin-Off. Spin, knit, and weave several unique items including a basketweave hat and natural-colored rugs.

Summer 1990: Take a look at allergic reactions to fibers, start a new adventure with angora, and knit an alpaca child’s sweater. Plus, explore sheep-to-shawl spinners in the San Juans, Industrial Age spinning wheels, and cashmere farm migration from China to the Rocky Mountains.

Fall 1990: Take your spinning from amateur to professional with this issue of Spin-Off. Photograph your textiles with proper angles and lighting, write in spinner’s shorthand, and learn about the ancient spinning techniques found in excavated textiles from Chancay, Peru.

Winter 1990: Full of projects for all, this issue of Spin-Off will keep your hands busy including patterns for a Fair Isle vest, silk/cotton blouse, Peruvian hat, and cowl collared poncho. Plus, learn about blending fibers with a picker and spinning Tierra wools.

In every issue, you will be amazed at the amount of information packed into these pages:

  • Be inspired by spinners from all over the world. In each issue, you’ll meet spinners with unique stories to tell.
  • Explore a variety of spinning techniques. Get an up-close look at piles of gorgeous handspun yarns and learn how to make them for yourself.
  • Test your spinning skills with projects that use your handspun yarns.
  • And so much more!

These issues were scanned from original print issues.

Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors