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Spin-Off 1985-1986 Collection Download

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Spin-Off 1985-1986 Collection

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Experience all 8 hard-to-find issues of Spin-Off from 1985 and 1986 exactly as they were printed!

Spring 1985: This issue explores easy dyeing methods, spinning combed alpaca fiber, Australian cashmere and cashgora, and Andean spinning. Projects include an alpaca sweater, damask knitting, and a merino pullover.


Summer 1985: In this issue, experience spinning alpaca fiber, working with cotton, spinning yarn for knitting machines, finishing woolen knitting yarn, Navajo plying techniques, and more. Projects include a felt vest, hat and mittens, and a knitted tabard.


Fall 1985: This issue is all about color! Get expertise and guidance on color combinations in spinning, discover natural dyeing techniques, experience the dyes of Mexico, and much more. Projects include a merino scarf, cashmere scarf, and a Norwegian luskofte.


Winter 1985: Discover different fibers in this issue. There’s a look at exotic fiber blends, cashmere, cashgora, line flax, and more. Plus, learn more about the wool industry. Projects include a turquoise angora pullover.


Spring 1986: In this issue, explore spinning in Bolivia, spinning fibers for crochet, spinning with Icelandic wool, spinning kid mohair, and more. Projects include a crocheted baby bib and a knitted suit.


Summer 1986: This issue is filled with great spinning advice, such as getting inspiration from commercial yarns, weaving with handspun, teaching children, working with superwash wool, and more.


Fall 1986: Experience natural fibers! This issue is all about flax, leaf and stem fibers, tree-bast fiber, and more. Projects include linen knits, a needlework tool case, and a linen curtain.


Winter 1986: There’s no shortage of fibers in this issue. Discover Corriedale, silk crepe, cotton, flax, cashgora, and even caribou! There’s also discussion of the benefits of overtwist and ways to ease a beginner’s fears. Projects include a warm wool sweater.


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Author/Designer: Spin Off Editors