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Spin Off, 1982 Digital Edition

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"The sixth annual edition of Spin Off features a section on handspun coverlets, angora fiber, elements of yarn structure, dyes, and more.

Table of Contents:
  • Spinning in the Abbey by Brother Mark Liggett, OFM
  • “Union” Dyes and Another Look At a “Rainbow” Pot by Susan Henrikson
  • The Grandaddy of Sheep-To-Shawls
  • Spin Off Book of World Records
  • Wonnnderful Socks
  • Swatch Competition
  • 1983 Creative Caps Contest
  • Coverlets—A Spinner’s Challenge
  • Granny’s Coverlet (or how do you tell if your coverlet’s real?) by Carol Strickler
  • Weaving A Coverlet by Marge Rohrer
  • From Canada to China and Back Again with Edna Blackburn
  • Early Home Textile Production in Chautauqua County, New York by Ann Fahnestock
  • Heirlooms Don’t Just Happen by Barbara Staines
  • The Shepherds of Glenmore by Jude Burkhauser
  • Sheep to Shawl: A Wonderful Show by Natali Steinberg
  • Angora: A Spinner’s Delight by Miranda Howard
  • Elements of Yarn Structure by Celia Quinn
  • Dyes for Handspuns: Fiber to Yarn by Anne Bliss
  • Dyeing Mohair and the Random Effect by Barbara Russell
  • Designer Yarn—A Use For Acid Dyes by Martha Omer
  • Behind the Wheel by Anne Bliss
  • Index to Spin·Off, Vol. 5
  • In Review: The Woolcraft Book by Sharon Alderman
  • Product News
  • Supplier’s Directory
Handspun Treasures:
  • Mohair Afghan/Great Shawl by Kathryn Ross Chastant
  • Child’s Windcheater by Stephanie Reekie
  • Girl’s Vest by Miranda Howard
  • Silk & Cotton Shirt by Robin Daugherty
  • Crazy Gloves by Judy Dugan
  • Wool Blanket by Elaine Gonny
  • Cotton Skirt & Blouse by Helen Mosely Gant