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Long Thread Media

Spin Off, 1979 Digital Edition

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The third-ever issue of Spin Off features native British sheep, hand and drum carders, the Great Wheel, spinning slubs and spirals, and more.

Table of Contents:
  • Women as Spinners: New England Spinsters Beverly Gordon
  • The Amazing Basques and Their Sheep Hita Dayton
  • Handspun Yarn as Art Jude Burkhauser
  • Kudzu: The Common Vine With 1001 Fibers Ann Foster
  • Wild Sheep Eugene Decker
  • Native British Sheep: The Rare Breeds Eliza Leadbeater
  • Quiviut AI Huestis
  • The Handspinning Project Carolyn Keefe
  • Guilds for Spinners Erica Rowe
  • Woolworth: Experiments in Spinning Marilyn Lorance
  • Carders: Hand or Drum Bette Hochberg
  • From Bobbin Flyer to Electric Spinner Joan Holborn
  • The Great Wheel Katy Turner
  • Spinning in the Grease Brenda Ekstrom
  • Kiwicraft — Knitting From the Fleece Beverley Home
  • Designer Yarns: Slubs and Spirals Doloria Chapin
  • Arans: A Saga in Wool Lee-lee Schlegel
  • Creative Knitwear
  • Behind the Wheel Anne Bliss
  • Raising Flax in Your Garden Annette McRae
  • Handcrafted Wool Showcase Ray Kirk
  • Handspinning: Some Criteria Anne Bliss
  • New Spinning Books
  • About Our Authors
  • Spin Off Book of World Records