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Long Thread Media

Spin Off, 1978 Digital Edition

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The second issue of Spin Off includes features on spinning with Gandhi, flax, spinning in the classroom, weaving with handspun, Leonardo Da Vinci’s spinning mechanism, and more.

Table of Contents:
  • History and Philosophy Spinning with Gandhi Susan Grant
  • Nehuala Spinning Harry & Olive Linder
  • Leonardo Da Vinci's Spinning Mechanism W. Bom
  • Flax Eliza Leadbeater
  • Fleece in the Hands of a New Zealand Spinner Beverley Horne
  • Finish Handspun Cotton Harry Linder
  • Fibers—From Where to Where? H. Rex Richards
  • Spinning in the Classroom Sally Posner
  • The Mechanism of the Bobbin-Flyer Spinning Wheel Col. James A. Ronin, ret.
  • Colonial Equipment David Pennington & Michael Taylor
  • Weaving and Tailoring Handspun Yardage Paula Simmons
  • Designing Handspun Judith G. Noble
  • Handspinning as Art Linda Berry Walker
  • Behind the Wheel Anne Bliss
  • From Our Readers
  • News
  • About Our Authors
  • Suppliers' Directory