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Long Thread Media

SOAR Spinner’s Apron

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For SOAR 2022, this apron has you covered—with thoughtful measuring tools and notes printed on the two generous pockets.

With adjustable neck strap/waist ties, the apron accommodates just about any spinner. The navy color contrasts with most fiber colors, so your yarn is plainly visible across your lap. Made from organic and recycled materials, the apron also features rivets at the pocket corners for durability.

Besides covering your lap and holding your tools, the SOAR Spinner’s Apron features printed gauges, reminders, and rulers, all from a spinner’s eye view. We found a place for every gauge or cheat sheet we wanted to keep at arm’s length:

  • Rulers, in inches and centimeters and inches, parallel and perpendicular to your lap
  • WPI quick-look gauge
  • S/Z/Left/Right reference with arrows
  • Buchanan Twist Angle Gauge—Rita and Steve Buchanan graciously allowed us to reprint their easy-to-use twist angle gauge, which accommodates both S and Z twist directions. Simply place a length of yarn over the center point, line up the twist angle with the background lines, and find the measurement to 5°. It’s the easiest way we know of to measure twist.
  • And did we mention roomy pockets?
All in all, this is the apron that every spinner on our staff wanted for our own spinning wardrobe, and we’re excited to offer it as our SOAR souvenir!