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PieceWork Presents Vintage Crochet with Mrs. Beeton from Beeton's Book of Needlework eBook

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One day in January 2016, if you had been in the PieceWork office, you would have heard shouts of joy. This was a special day–an original 1870 edition of Beeton's Book of Needlework that we had purchased had just arrived! We had been looking long and hard for a copy of this book for the PieceWork collection, and now it was finally here. It did not disappoint.

For PieceWork’s third glimpse into the needlework world of 1870, we are very pleased to bring you the crochet patterns from Beeton’s Book of Needlework as an eBook. Here you’ll find instructions for a fabulous Couvrette in Crochet; a festive Small Crochet Basket; a lovely Crochet Brioche Cushion; numerous crochet borders and insertions; several D’Oyley patterns; a stunning Crochet Sovereign Purse; a Crochet Antimacassar; and so much more. The section with general crochet instructions takes you from foundation chain to crocheted purl stitch. This truly is a treasure trove.

Please do note that all of the material presented here is reproduced exactly as it was printed in the 1870 edition. Neither alterations nor corrections were made. And the book was published in London, primarily for a British audience. Nonetheless, it presents a true portrait of what and how people were crocheting in 1870. Enjoy!

Author/Designer: Jeanne Hutchins