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Long Thread Media

PieceWork Spring 2021

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PieceWork Spring 2021 illuminates the Hidden Histories embedded in textile traditions both near and far. Nancy Nehring reveals how renowned scientist George Washington Carver developed a lifelong passion for crochet. Meet one of the forerunners of modern Swedish design, textile artist Karin Bergöö Larsson. Discover why one cross-stitch sampler collector cherishes the raggedy and tattered needlework from unknown makers. Learn how India’s eye-catching and colorful Rabari embroidery was once banned but is now making a comeback. Dr. Reem el Mutwall, founder of the Zay Initiative, offers a glimpse of traditional garments from the United Arab Emirates, examples often only seen in private collections.

  • Franklin Habit talks thimbles and tells the stories behind an unlikely pair from his collection.
  • A daughter explores the remnants of her mother’s lifetime love of sewing, including Lessons by Correspondence.
  • Learn about the daily duties of a university’s textile collections manager.
  • Plus, four projects to knit and full, crochet, and stitch.

Author/Designer: PieceWork Editors