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Long Thread Media

PieceWork, September/October 2002 Digital Edition

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Discover eighteenth-century Norwegian fishtail mittens decorated with embroidery. Examine a Gunnister man's knitted possessions, preserved by the peat of the Shetland Islands and take a rare look at seventeenth-century Scottish knitting. Did you know there were wartime songs about knitting? Learn about some of them from Joanna Daneman. See the banners commissioned by Lord Grey and embroidered with images of St. George. Donna Hall West examines the velvet stitch. Knit a bag with medieval Islamic motifs. Knit a warm triangular shawl decorated with hearts in the border. Tat a lace border. Embroider hardanger bookmarks. Try your skill at Wessex stitchery with an eyeglasses case to embroider. Stitch an Elizabethan-inspired band sampler. Bonus project: Stitch a Victorian Santa.

In every issue of PieceWork magazine, you will be amazed at the amount of information packed into these pages:

  • Be inspired by needleworkers past and present. In each issue, you'll meet needleworkers with unique stories to tell and special projects to share.
  • Explore traditional needlework throughout history. In addition to the people who did the work, you'll get an up-close look at what they created and how they did it.
  • Take your needlework to the next level with The Needleworker--an exploration of embroidery with Deanna Hall West.
  • Test your needlework techniques with projects ranging from embroidery to knitting, quilting to beading, and crochet to cross-stitch.
  • And so much more!