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Long Thread Media

PieceWork, September/October 1994 Digital Edition

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The main focus of the September/October 1994 issue is blue! From indigo dyeing to blue printing; discover Japanese, Slovakian, Hungarian, Cornish, and Nigerian traditions of blue. A Japanese folk singer traces blue-jeans history. Learn how Sashiko stitching quilts fabric for warmth—and added beauty. Discover how sturdy fishermen’s work sweaters were knitted from indigo-dyed yarn.

14 The Story of Not-Quite- Blue Jeans by Dorothy Miller
22 The Sashiko Embroidery of Aomori, JAPAN by Lynne Milgram
30 A Sashiko Hanten (Short Jacket) to Stitch by Lucy Arai
38 Out of the Blue by Junco Sato Pollack
44 Nui-Shibori: The Folk Shibori of Japan by Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada
50 A Ginkgo-Inspired Nui-Shibori Scarf to Make by Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, Katherine Westphal, and Jane Fournier
54 Blue Printing, Plain and Fancy: Slovak Folk Cloth by Sigrid Piroch
61 Mikls Kovacs and Family: Hungarian Kekfestos by Docey Lewis
68 An Apron to Block Print by Jane Fournier
70 In Search of Cornish Guernseys and Knit-Frocks by Mary Wright
76 A Child's Gansey to Knit by Beth Brown-Reinsel
81 Images: More than a thousand words Indigo Resist Dyeing in India by Lena Nessle
82 Impressions of the Thing Itself by Veronica Patterson
83 Lacy Quilt Blocks to Sun Print by Jane Fournier
86 Adire: The Blue-And- White Cloth of Nigeria by Christopher Spring
92 An Embroidered Blanket from Vermont by Celia Oliver
98 Wordspinning: Letters, journals, literature Introduction Galer Britten Barnes and The Invention of Truth by Marta Morazzoni
106 Patterns: The Beaded Leopard of Cameroon by Mary Jo Meade