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Long Thread Media

PieceWork, November/December 2016 Digital Edition

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In this issue of PieceWork, we pay tribute to silk! Discover the long history of silk embroidery in Vietnam and the stellar work that is being done today in “The Amazing World of Vietnamese Silk Embroidery.” Uncover an unlikely benefit from the production of art silk in late nineteenth century American in “Discover the Beauty of Art Silk Embroidery.” Readers will learn why silk stockings were so valued in the sixteenth century that some were pawned by their owners for quick cash in “Knitted Silk in Tudor England.” Try your hand at knitting or embroidering with silk by stitching seven gorgeous projects!

Features and Projects included in this issue:
  • Catch It If You Can – Silk Fly Fringe by Mary Polityka Bush
  • Discover the Beauty of Art Silk Embroidery by Mary Polityka Bush
  • A Silk Art Doily to Embroider by Mary Polityka Bush
  • The Amazing World of Vietnamese Silk Embroidery by Cynthia LeCount Samaké
  • The Queen of Fibers: Making and Using Silk for Embroidery by Michael Cook
  • A Stargazer Lily in Japanese Silk Thread to Embroider by Michael Cook
  • Knitted Silk in Tudor England by Lesley O’Connell Edwards
  • Silk-Blend Lace Cowls to Knit by Inna Voltchkova
  • Hana Lace Scarf to Knit by Evelyn A. Clark
  • Peace Silk from India: A Walk on the Wild Side of Sericulture
  • Peace Silk Beret and Cowl to Knit by Julie Turjoman
  • My Grandmother’s Silk Wedding Saree by Chitra Balasubramaniam

Author/Designer: Piecework Editors