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Long Thread Media

PieceWork, May/June 1994 Digital Edition

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This issue explores Ukrainian embroidery, beaded bags from the Civil War era, Flemish bobbin tape lace, rickrack, and more. Discover the vibrant folk embroideries that survived the perilous journey from the Ukraine to the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Read how small beaded bags carried their makers as surely as their makers carried them in difficult times during the Civil War. Learn how custom-embroidered garments and needlework “paintings” created a second career for the talented Maginel Wright Barney. Uncover why the painstaking skill of hitching in horsehair was passed from inmate to inmate in western U.S. prisons.

8 A Place to Come To by Jude Daurelle
16 Patterns: Tracing motifs through time Embroidery Transfer: The Pattern Artist by Marnie Ritter
26 Mother Severyna's Mission: Ukrainian Embroidery by Tatjana Krynytzky
37 A Girl’s Jumper with Ukrainian Embroidery by Beverly Rush and Kathy Schaefer
40 To Tell a Story: Harriet Powers and the Religious-Narrative Tradition in African-American Quilts by Trish Faubion
48 A Matter of Fashion: Beaded Bags from the Civil War Era by Galer Britton Barnes
52 A Beaded Bag to Knit by Jane Fournier
54 Maginel Wright Barney and the Gift of Embroidery by Mary Jane Hamilton
60 The Flowers of Flanders: Seventeenth-Century Flemish Bobbin Tape Lace by Marni Harang
65 A Floral Motif in Flemish Bobbin Tape Lace by Marni Harang
70 Harriet Clark in Her 100 th Year by Olga Rothschild
74 Rickrack: “Make Plain Things Beautiful” by Linda Ligon
80 Rickrack Edgings to Make by Jane Fournier
82 A Hitch in Time: The Prison Tradition of Horsehair Hitching by Lyndel Meikle
86 A Horsehair Key Chain to Hitch by Gary Stark