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PieceWork, July/August 2013 Digital Edition

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PieceWork July August 2013

Journey into the embellished world with the July/August issue of PieceWork magazine.

In this issue of PieceWork, knit & embellish Scilly Isle socks, learn about collecting vintage buttons, knit Victorian beaded cuffs, learn raised filet crochet, discover coronation cord, make silk Death Head buttons, and more!
PieceWork July August 2013

Take a look into this issue of PieceWork:


Embellishment at All Costs

Read about shipwreck, piracy, and smuggling — all part of Cornish history — and their role in fabric, lace, and embellishments of the eighteenth century. Take part in the Cornish tradition with the Scilly Isle Socks to Knit and Embroider.


Death Head Buttons

Learn about the history and origin of Death Head buttons, which, despite their name, do not resemble a skull. These unique buttons are made by wrapping overlapping threads around a wooden disk with a single center hole to create circular buttons. Plus, create your own with Death Head Buttons to Make.


Raised Filet Crochet

"Many of the instructions in vintage needlework magazines are too sketchy to be of much use to today’s readers, but this one from the July 1930 issue of Needlecraft­ Magazine is a welcome exception. The preliminary information on filet crochet and the charts are easy to follow." Join Ava T. Coleman in crocheting Raised Filet Crochet from a 1930 Needlecraft Magazine pattern.


Coronation Cord: A Time-Saving Embellishment

Learn the history of coronation cord, which "could be and was used to embellish bed linens, doilies, guest towels, pillow tops, tablecloths, waists (blouses), parasols, collars, jabots, dainty purses, and more" in homes of the early 1900s. Mary Polityka Bush details this useful embellishment, as well as provides a pattern for A Pillowcase to Embellish with Coronation Cord.


Trimmed and Ornamented: First Lady Ida McKinley's Dresses and Gowns

"Embroidery, beads, tucks, pleats, braid, appliqué, buttons, or other decorations: trimmings not only add to the beauty and distinctiveness of garments, but also reveal clues about the wearer’s individuality." Join Betsy Butler in an exploration of the fashion and embellishments of First Lady Ida Saxton McKinley.


My Button Box

Meet Christen Brown and enjoy her wealth of knowledge about vintage buttons and button collecting. Learn about different types of buttons, including rubber, porcelain, metal, wood, fabric, and cleaning and care of each type.


Mrs. Embroidery: Edite Mogensen

"Latvia is the homeland of my friend Edite Mogensen, a preeminent needlewoman who now makes her home in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. The Latvia into which Edite was born in 1931. . .was rediscovering its ancient roots and enjoying a cultural renaissance. There was a rebirth of national pride and a revival of traditional costumes, some dating back more than a thousand years. Some of the symbolism of this early religion has carried over into the symbols of traditional ornamentation still seen in the crafts of today’s Latvia." Join Catharina Forbes in an exploration of Latvian costume and tradition, and create your own Latvian-inspired piece with A Cloth with Latvian Symbols to Embroider.


Sarakatsani Aprons: Ply-Split Darning, Embroidery, and Life

Meet the once-nomadic Sarakatsani people of Greece and learn about the handspun and woven fabrics unique to the region, plus the distinctive split-ply embroidery styles used to adorn Sarakatsani aprons.


Find all this and more!

PieceWork July August 2013

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