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PieceWork 1993-1994 Collection Download

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Discover the first nine issues of PieceWork magazine, exactly as they were printed in 1993 and 1994!

Here’s a look at the needlework techniques, needlework patterns, stories behind the history, and more that you will find in these issues:

PieceWork March/April 1993—Explore the premier issue featuring embroidery, pine needle basketry and a reticule to knit.

PieceWork September/October 1993—This issue focuses on linear embroidery from England, Turkish knitting, twined rag rugs, and Athapaskan beadwork.

PieceWork November/December 1993Discover global and ethnic traditions, from Amish and Hmong needlework, the Hispanic embroidery known as colcha, traditional Japanese thread balls, and a primer on tatting.

PieceWork January/February 1994—With this issue discover embroidered quilts of Bengal, learn the importance of woman’s embroidered caps in Slovakia, see the restoration of a Yoruba headdress, and more.

PieceWork March/April 1994—In this issue discover net embroidery, learn about lace knitting from the Shetlands, crochet Victorian buttons, find bead cloth from Zalipie, Poland, and more.

PieceWork May/June 1994—This issue explores Ukrainian embroidery, beaded bags from the Civil War era, Flemish bobbin tape lace, rickrack, and more.

PieceWork July/August 1994—This issue features Hawaiian quilt traditions, a look at the silk industry in Utah, smocking traditions and techniques, a straw hat to braid, and more.

PieceWork September/October 1994The focus of this issue is blue from indigo dyeing to blue printing, discover Japanese, Slovakian, Hungarian, Cornish, and Nigerian traditions of blue.

PieceWork November/December 1994—This issue features Shisha embroidery, sweet grass baskets, Ojibwe quill work, Mola appliqué of Panama, and Japanese chiriman bags.

As with all our PieceWork Collections, you get needlework inspiration at your fingertips. You can get this Collection as either a CD or Download. Just look at the advantages:

  • Browse each issue quickly with a time-saving electronic index.
  • Search keywords such as popular needlework designers and instructors, needlework techniques, products or equipment.
  • These Collections take up less space than print issues and won’t wear or tear.
  • Save money when you get a whole collection of PieceWork magazine than if you got the print issues individually.

Don't miss out on nine out-of-print issues of PieceWork, including the premier issue! Get your copy of the PieceWork 1993-1994 Collection today!

These issues were scanned from the original print issues

Author/Designer: Piecework Editors