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Natural Dyeing Online Workshop

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Learn how to dye naturally with Dagmar Klos!

Who understands color better than Mother Nature? From quiet to riotous, natures color schemes are always harmonious, and natural dyes can be used to create beautiful, vibrant colorways. In this online workshop, master dyer Dagmar Klos introduces you to the secrets of dyeing your fibers, yarns, and textiles with natures perfect palette.

In her clear and friendly style, Dagmar offers indispensable information on equipment and supplies, types of dye, safety procedures, and record keeping. Youll see how easy it is to use natural dyes, learn useful tips and hints, and gain a foundation from which to set out on your own natural dyeing adventures.

In This Online Workshop You'll Learn:

  • The basic dyestuffs that yield the natural color wheel
  • How to set up your natural dyeing studio
  • Important safety practices for natural dyeing
  • How to prepare your fiber for dyeing
  • How to create natural dye extracts and dye your fiber
Lesson Outline
  • Workshop Outline
  • Introduction to Using Natural Dyes
  • Understanding the Dyeing Process
  • Safety
  • Dyeing Equipment
  • Basic Principles
  • Fiber Preparation
  • Mordants
  • Making Dyes and Dyeing

Watch a Preview Now:

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate. This workshop is intended to open the door to the world of natural dyeing.

Materials Needs: Heat source, Stainless steel pots, Glass or plastic beakers, Sieve and/or paint strainer, Dowels or wooden spoons, Protective apron, Rubber gloves, Dust mask, Safety glasses, Assorted dyestuff: raw materials or commerically prepared dye extracts, alum sulfate, and wool yarn or fiber.

This Online Workshop Includes:

  • Discussion board: The discussion board is a great way to interact with other users in the Online Workshop. It's an open forum for you to ask questions, share your thoughts, and express your inspirations.
  • Gallery: Share images of your work where you can give and receive feedback from fellow students.
  • Notes: This is a place for you to keep personal notes to help you with your work and the Online Workshop content. Only you will be able to see your notes.
  • Video Lessons: Run Time 55 minutes

About the Instructor:
Dagmar Klos is a dye master, fiber artist, and teacher. Since 1995, she has served as copublisher and coeditor of the Turkey Red Journal, a newsletter dedicated to natural dyes. In 2002, she received the Handweavers Guild of Americas Certificate of Excellence in Dyeing. Dagmars colorful woven scarves appear in Handwoven Scarves (Interweave Press, 1999), and have often graced the pages of Handwoven magazine. She lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Author/Designer: Dagmar Klos