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Mary Schiffmann's Lacy Knitting eBook

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Mary Schiffmann’s Lacy Knitting by Nancy Nehring
Do you knit lace for the sheer love of intricate details? Historically household laces were used to protect fine wood furniture from dents and scratches or to trim linens. Explore knitting laces with legend Mary Schiffmann. This eBook is organized after Mary’s 10 week lace knitting classes. The classes were designed to get progressively more challenging. Mary was known for her love of knitting patterns; she constantly sought after unusual patterns.

Inside Mary Schiffmann’s Lacy Knitting:

  • Week 1. Very Narrow Lace. A good introduction to lace knitting.
  • Week 2. Serpentine Lace. Very easy. You can keep the pattern in mind. Double yos make a big hole.
  • Week 3. Shell Lace. Easy but not as easy as Serpentine Lace. Introduces witches’ ladder.
  • Week 4. Cornwallis Lace. Nicest of the edgings. Combines three simpler patterns.
  • Week 5. Heirloom Apron Lace. Mary’s favorite. It’s hard to make the diamond with a dot in the middle, then not put the dot in the next diamond. Uses two different versions of double decrease.
  • Week 6. Star Doily. Simple four-needle doily.
  • Week 7. Freda Frase’s Small Doily. Introduces dropped stitches. It has only pattern rows, no knit rows after Row 20.
  • Week 8. Freda Frase’s Square Doily. Five-needle doily. This is knitted in the round but turns out square.
  • Week 9. Christmas Star. The points use the technique of a knitted-on edge. They also introduce bias knitting.
  • Week 10. Esther Sarlund’s Doily. Gives experience handling a large piece.