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Long Thread Media

Spin-Off, Fall 2011 Digital Edition

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All about the spinning wheel! Trace the history of the wheel to its possible origins by learning about Jonathan Bosworth's reproduction of a Han Dynasty spinning wheel from a Chinese stone carving created 1,200 years before scholars believe the spinning wheel was invented. Visit to the Ashford Handicrafts spinning wheel factory in Ashburton, New Zealand, and learn how this business has thrived through two world wars and fire to provide the world with spinning wheels. Join the discussion with current custom wheels makers and where they see the craft headed.

Beyond these fascinating articles we have lots of tips to help you get to know your wheel better: Trouble shooting tips for beginners. When you're just getting started spinning, the smallest thing (such as a yarn caught around an orifice hook) can stop you in your tracks. Learn what to look for when your spinning isn't going the way you'd like. There are so many orifices available now for spinning wheels--innies, outties, deltas, o-rings, etc.--learn about how to best use them to get the yarns you want. Many spinners get started spinning because they have inherited an antique wheel or found one in an antique shop--but making that wheel work for you can be a challenge. We have an article will give you the resources you need to get it up and running.