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I’d Rather Be Weaving Threading and Sleying Hook

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 Love weaving? This handy threading hook makes threading and sleying your loom efficient and brings a smile to your face.


Sley and thread with a smile!

When you have your hands full with something else, do you think to yourself, “I’d rather be weaving”? For most of us, even threading the loom is less fun than planning a project, choosing yarn, and throwing the shuttle.

This brass threading and sleying hook is the perfect choice for threading and sleying both multishaft and rigid-heddle looms. The large hook on one end is perfect for sleying a reed and rigid-heddle slots, while the other side features a smaller hook designed to easily thread multishaft loom heddles and rigid-heddle holes.

Forged of solid brass and polished for a smooth finish, this well-balanced tool is sturdy and easy to handle, making it comfortable to use and durable for years of weaving. Short enough not to catch on loose threads, but long enough to reach into the loom, it features deep grooves to hook warp ends easily without snagging or marring precious yarns. A hole allows you to tether the hook to your loom so it doesn’t wander off between warpings.