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Understanding Color Relationships in Weaving: How to anticipate color interactions between warp and weft On Demand Web Seminar

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Color theory and its application in weaving is one of the most distressing hurdles for most weavers to overcome. The decision in the color selection process when designing a new piece can be very frustrating and confusing. It’s only for a select few that this is something innate and comes quite naturally, for the rest of the weaving community we must rely on some basic color theory knowledge, tools, sampling and observations to aid in our design process.


Sara will guide you through a series of exercises that will help you as a weaver make more informed decisions when choosing colors for your weavings. She will highlight key aspects in color theory that will make or break the final piece based on simple principals any weaver can learn and add to their repertoire. Citing specific examples she will convey to her viewers simple observations they can make in their everyday life that can be replicated and applied to ensure success and harmony in their finished woven pieces before the warp is wound and the weft is placed in the shuttle. Join her to lift the veil of secrecy behind choosing the right colors in your next weaving project.


Fundamental knowledge you will receive:

  • Rudimentary Color theory and terminology specifically centered around weaving.
  • Comprehension of the similarities and differences in color principles among different mediums such as painting comparatively to weaving.
  • Knowledge of the elements that effect color interactions in weaving.
  • How to manipulate colors and use them to your advantage to convey to your audience/viewer a certain mood, coherence or discord if you so choose.
  • Better understanding on how to choose color compositions that are harmonious, and why those relationships coexist so well together.
  • What tools are available to you as a weavers to help aid you in the decision making processes when designing a piece.
  • How we perceive color values as an individual may affect how proficiently we arrange colors within a piece.

About the Instructor:


Sara Bixler is a resident weaving instructor at the Mannings Handweaving School in East Berlin, Pennsylvania. She holds her degrees in Art Education and Fine Arts from Edinboro University. Her wide-ranging knowledge and love of weaving she gives credit to her father, weaver and instructor Tom Knisely who has been encouraging her artistic ventures since early childhood. Sara’s personal passion is color; how it influences our world, all things that reside in it and how we identify with it.


Who Should Attend?

  • Weavers in all levels of weaving experience.
  • Weavers in need of assistance defining basic color theory terms, in real life terminology.
  • Weavers who have experienced angst over choosing the “right” color(s) in their weaving.
  • Weavers wanting to gain insight into why certain colors “work together” and others should remain isolated.
  • Weavers looking for tools to aid in the color decision making process when designing a piece.
  • Weavers wanting more control in the planning process, rather than being surprised or disappointed at the end of the weaving and finishing.
  • Weavers who are looking to expand beyond their comfort or safe zone in color selections to create exciting, bold and new combinations.

Author/Designer: Sara Bixler