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Handwoven, September/October 1994 Digital Edition

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Master Crackle Weave with the September/October 1994 issue of Handwoven Magazine!

From insightful articles to fun projects, this issue will have you weaving beautiful pieces with crackle weave as well as learning bound weave basics.

The feature articles of this issue will inspire your creativity:

  • Learn to design with crackle weave, from threading variations, tie-ups, and treadling variations.
  • Discover how to magnify 2/2 twill weave patterns by converting them to crackle weave.
  • Weave up some crackle patterns in polychrome, a technique that uses more than one color in a row.
  • Get advice and know-how for using a temple while weaving to help keep your weaving at a fixed width.
  • Take an adventure with Patricia Hunzeker to find Indonesian ikat.
  • Create thick, weft-faced fabric with a patterned surface by learning and mastering bound weave.
  • Learn how to weave intricate polychromatic figures and characters on four shafts.

Test weaving skills with 11 weaving patterns and projects!

Get your holiday spirits flowing with perfect projects to decorate the home and your wardrobe!

  • Two sets of Christmas Stockings from Mary Bentley and Barbara Eychaner
  • A felted Christmas skirt by Anne Sneary
  • A festive vest by Lynn Lesselroth

Recreate Rebecca Arkenberg's bound weave figures.

Experiment with crackle with a jacket by Suzanne De Atley, a sweater by M. Lynette Holmes, a scarf by Donna Muller, a baby blanket by Dixie Thai and a polychrome table runner by Susan Wilson.

Weave structures featured in the projects of this issue include bound weave, summer and winter, twill, crackle weave, and more.

If you're looking to learn more about crackle weave and bound weave techniques, the September/October 1994 issue of Handwoven magazine has what you're looking for.