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Long Thread Media

Handwoven's Design Collection 8 eBook

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They are Back!
Handwoven is bringing back electronic editions of favorite out-of-print Design Collections. By popular demand we are starting with Just Rags, our eighth Design Collection that features 17 inventive projects from rugs to garments to weave with either recycled cloth or strips of commercial fabric.


Rag Bag
Jane Patrick [4 shafts]

Flight Wall Hanging
Inga Krook [2-4 shafts]

Barleycorn Rug
Lynne Giles [4 shafts]

Sherbert Runner
June A. Evans [4 shafts]

Mats in Double Binding
Ingo Krook [4 shafts]

Log Cabin Mats
Joanne Tallarovic [4 shafts]

Denim Rags
Stella Rader [4 shafts]

Poppana Top
Kaino Leethan [4 shafts]

Rug Rag In Rose Path
Dixie Straight [4 shafts]

Muslin Jacket
Susan Snover [4 shafts]

Madras Double Corduroy Rug
Loie Stenzel [4 shafts]

Mug Rugs
Suzzanne Wigley [4 shafts]

Pantyhose Rug
Jeanne Haviland Nash [4 shafts]

Aspen Jacket
Louise Bradley [4 shafts]

Reversible Rug
Jery Oles [3 shafts]

Red Rug for Very Important Guest
Margaretha Essen-Hedin [4 shafts]