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Long Thread Media

Handwoven's Design Collection 18 eBook

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Weavers love towels; they are quick and easy, fun to design, and they make great gifts. This collection of 15 projects ranges from kitchen to bath, from fingertip to pawtip. And what better way to sample new weave structures or try out new color combinations? You'll find plain weave, twill, waffle, huck lace, log cabin, M's & O's, crackle, summer and winter, and more. Like all of the Design Collections, this one has beautiful photography and complete, easy-to-follow instructions.


Anything but Plain Kitchen Towels
Sharon Alderman [2-4 shafts]

Friendship Towels in Huckaback
Betsy Blumenthal and Jane Patrick [4 shafts]

Traditional Monk’s Belt Kitchen Towels
Deedee Woodbury [4 shafts]

Kitchen Towels in Versatile Log Cabin
Tracy Kaestner [4 shafts]

M’s and O’s for a Bright Bath Towel
Louise Bradley [4 shafts]

Bath Towels in Cushy Cotton Chenille
Suzie Liles [4 shafts]

Contemporary Overshot Bath Towels
Margaret Gaynes [4 shafts]

Sauna Towels in Colorful Crackle
Kathleen Farling [4 shafts]

His and Her Beach Towels
Robin Lynde [4 shafts]

A Lap Towel for Spinners
Linda Ligon [4 shafts]

Stop, Start, Caution, and Finish Towels
Tom Knisely [4 shafts]

No-Sweat Towels for the Gym
Liz Gipson [4 shafts]

Cat Track and Snail Trail Pet Towels
Julianne Drever [ 4 shafts]

Guest Towels in Atwater-Bronson Lace
Lestra Hazel [8 shafts]

Heirloom Towels in Linen and Huck Lace
Ruth Morrison [8 shafts]

All-Purpose Waffle-Weave Towels
Marilyn Murphy [ 4 shafts]