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Handwoven September/October 2022

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In this inspiring issue of Handwoven, we see how weavers have taken up the challenge of weaving for garments to sew coats, skirts, bags, espadrilles, pillows, and other items—all with their handwoven cloth. You’ll gain confidence in weaving and sewing garments by learning how accomplished sewists approach handwoven cloth.

In her article, Daryl Lancaster walks you through her process, from picking yarns through weaving the cloth, and then using it to make a slouchy comfy jacket. Kelly Walsh describes how she designed and wove the bodice for her wedding dress and then dyed the silk for the skirt. On the other side of the spectrum, three small sewing project ideas in the Idea Gallery show how to use handwoven scraps to make fun giftable items, and many of the projects throughout the issue use small amounts of fabric and require very little cutting and construction.

The Best Practices series finishes up with an article about drafts and how to read them. Tom Knisely gives tips for avoiding treadling errors, and in Stepping Up, Kay Balmforth details the path she and other weavers took to put together the Devon Weavers Workshop, a vibrant ongoing weaving studio. In the Yarn Lab, you’ll learn about Array wool tapestry yarn from Gist that also works as warp and weft on a multi-shaft loom, and in Endnotes, Jane Sheetz describes designing, weaving, and sewing her senior project that was a culmination of her education and dreams.


  • Stepping Up: Devon Weavers Workshop by Kay Balmforth
  • Best Practices: Interpreting Drafts by Susan Bateman and Melissa Parsons
  • Notes From the Fell: Avoiding Treadling Errors by Tom Knisely
  • Idea Gallery: A Trio of Scrappy Projects by Susan E. Horton with Chelsea Femming, Cathy Thorvaldsen, and Rebecca Fox,
  • Weave Your New Favorite Sweater by Daryl Lancaster
  • Weaving, Dyeing, and Sewing My Wedding Dress by Kelly Walsh
  • Cross-Continent Collaboration by Ellen Thomas and Christine Carrell Livingston
  • Yarn Lab: An Array of Possibilities from Gist Yarn by Christine Jablonski
  • Endnotes: My Modern Take on Historical Fashion by Jane Sheetz


  • Meta Weave Jacket by Elisabeth Hill (8-shaft)
  • Stormy Days Jacket by Annette Swan Schipf (8-shaft)
  • Harvest Coat Redux by Dorothy Tuthill (6-shaft)
  • Rustic Elements by Peg Mathews (rigid heddle, 2- or 4-shaft)
  • Daisy Plaid Totes by Tracy Kaestner (4-shaft)
  • On-the-Go Bag by Yvonne Ellsworth (4-shaft)
  • Bespoke Espadrilles by Carly Jayne (rigid heddle)
  • Gingham Aprons by Barbara Mitchell (2- or 4-shaft)
  • Finnweave Pillows by Claudia Tokola (4-shaft)
  • Houndstooth Jumper Dress by Richard Stewart (4-shaft)