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Handwoven September/October 2021

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Paying attention to details just comes naturally to most weavers—they know a little extra here and there can make a big difference. This issue celebrates meticulous design and embraces it with twelve projects that show how details can enhance handweaving whether it happens during planning, at the warping board, on the loom, or during the final stages of finishing. Details enhance the projects in the issue while giving ideas and tips to the reader about ways they can incorporate those same techniques in their own projects. The articles in the issue center around the same theme and include Finishing Tips by Tom Knisely, Patterned Inlay on a Plain-Weave Background by Nancy Peterson, a Spotlight by Chitra Balasubamaniam on jamdani, a special inlay technique woven in India, and an Idea Gallery by Nancy Crampton that describes how she translates card-weaving patterns to 4-shaft drafts. The Traditions article by Tina Fletcher and Linda Barnett tells about a collaboration between the two friends that has led to them donating handwoven liturgical stoles to African-American ministers going through hard times. For the Yarn Lab, Judy Stewart wove using Treenway Silks Shanta, a special wild silk yarn.


Projects + Stories:

  • Spotlight: Jamdani: Fabric of Moonlight by Chitra Balasubramaniam 
  • Notes from the Fell: Finishing Tips by Tom Knisely 
  • Idea Gallery: Adapting Card-Weaving Patterns for Four-Shaft Looms by Nancy Crampton
  • Patterned Inlay on a Plain-Weave Background by Nancy Peterson
  • Traditions: Kente-Style Liturgical Stoles by Tina Fletcher and Linda Barnett
  • Yarn Lab: Shanta Eri Silk by Judy Stewart
  • Stepping Up: The Hartford Artisans Weaving Center by Fran Curran 
  • Not-So-Simple Stripes by Nancy Peterson (4-shaft)
  • Etch-A-Sketch Inlay by Nancy Taylor (4-shaft) 
  • Cabin Shawl by Cynthia Cox (2-shaft or rigid heddle)
  • Solano Plaid Poncho by Robin Lynde (4-shaft)
  • Absinthe Scarf by Jon Porch (4-shaft)
  • Fibonacci with a Twist Cowlby Andrea Williams (8-shaft) 
  • Wavy Pillows by Svea Edlund (2- or 4-shaft loom)
  • Baby Coverlet by Malynda Allen (4-shaft)
  • Random Exchange Towels by Kathie Roig (8-shaft)
  • Chattahoochee Poochie Towels by Sheila O’Hara (16-shaft)
  • Fishing for Compliments by Sherrie Amada Miller (8-shaft)
  • Kente-Style Liturgical Stole by Tina Fletcher (8-shaft)
  • Endnotes: An Eye–and an Ear–for Detail by Alison Irwin