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Handwoven September/October 2017 Digital Edition

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It’s time to fall in love with your loom all over again. The 2017 September/October issue of Handwoven features tips on using, choosing, and caring for looms, and 10 projects that show off the loom you have. Read about looms from the past, and get the bonus loom buyer’s guide with the latest features and models.

Deb Essen teaches you what you need to know to pick the loom that’s right for you, Tom Knisely chats about what weavers from the past would think about the looms we have today, and Madelyn van der Hoogt discusses the distinct differences between Swedish and Bronson lace. With the gorgeous projects in this issue, including a Swedish Shawl from Suzie Liles, Tracy Kaestner’s set of twill towels, and Esther Rodger’s hat, your loom’s innate beauty will shine!

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Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors