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Handwoven, September/October 1992 Digital Edition

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The September/October 1992 issue of Handwoven magazine will have you fascinated with pile weaves from rya to chenille to velvet. Then cozy into the holidays with holiday weaving projects.

Discover pile weaving and holiday projects in the September/October 1992 issue of Handwoven Magazine

Add textural interest to your weaving with a variety of different pile weaves. Weave up a cozy bath mat or some fun plaid tufted pillows using corduroy, rya, Sehna knots, and more. Also in this issue is a section devoted to holiday and wintry weaving.

The feature articles of this issue will introduce to a variety of pile weaving styles and techniques:

  • Discover a pile thread exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
  • Get a closer look at velvet with contemporary artist Barbara Setsu Pickett.
  • Explore a little-known nineteenth-century society who produces outstanding handwoven silk velvets from start to finish.
  • Uncover the thousands of lives of rya knots as it evolves.
  • Experiment in copper penny dyeing and the unique colors it creates.

Start pile weaving and get inspired for the holidays with a 19 patterns!

  1. Swatch Collection #26 by Sharon Alderman
  2. Pink and white overshot placemats by Margaret Gaynes
  3. Toddlers placemat by M. Kati Meek
  4. Flower Garden Rug by Jean Scorgie
  5. Plaid tufted pillow by Janice Jones
  6. Denim rag strip jacket by Jane Andrews
  7. Christmas counterpanes by Sr. Joan Marie Lovett
  8. Weft inlay table runners by Carol Shahbaz
  9. Christmas tree runner by Mark White
  10. Christmas rosepath towels and card fabric by Kathy Bright
  11. Supplementary-warp ornaments by Betty LaFara
  12. White stuffed cat by Helen M. Bobisud
  13. Nora’s pompom jacket by Jan Patrick and Louise Bradley
  14. Evening bag with look pile by Jane Patrick

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