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Handwoven, September/October 1985 Digital Edition

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Handwoven, September/October 1985

Homes in the country have a special, warm and homey feel to them. In this edition of Handwoven Magazine we seek to capture that feel and duplicate it in your home. Just the presence of simple, understated handwoven cloth can be the thing which gives an everyday task a little lift. So, when your kitchen curtains need replacing or you'd like a new tablecloth to liven up your meals, think of making these some of these projects.

On the following pages we've explored country casuals so the simple touch can be added to your personal style as well as your home.

Articles included in Handwoven, March/April 1985:

  • Weaving on the Left Side of the Brain
  • Tracking: The Mystery of the Crinkling Cloth
  • Coverlet Care
  • Special Gifts
  • And More!

Download your copy of Handwoven March/April 1985 today and add a country touch to your life!

Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors

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