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Long Thread Media

Handwoven, November/December 1996 Digital Edition

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Experience of the beauty of creased, puckered, and pleated fabrics. Anne Richards discusses the effect of overtwisted yarns on woven fabric. She shows how to work with Z- and S- spun singles to get unique creases in your fabric.


Modern tapestry makes a comeback in this issue. Jay Wilson discusses the weaving process, yarns, tools, books, and supply sources he uses for weaving tapestry. Discover the work of many contemporary  tapestry weavers. Their pieces are truly awe-inspiring and will make you rethink the possibilities of tapestry. Finally, weave a tapestry inspired by Piet Mondrian’s very contemporary art.


Immerse yourself in the traditions of weaving overshot, then and now. Learn how to decipher old overshot drafts with Donna Lee Sullivan. Plus, discover a simple vests worked in overshot that you can weave for yourself.


Other great features in this issue include a look at diversified plain weave, weaving point twill for scarves, some Nordic mittens with a woven inlay, and a look at the tapestry rugs of Mary Zicafoose.


In every issue, you will be amazed at the amount of information packed into these pages:

  • Be inspired by weavers from all over the world. In each issue, you’ll meet weavers with unique stories to tell and special projects to share.
  • Explore weaving techniques new and old. Get an up-close look at all of the projects.
  • Test your weaving skills with projects that use point twill, plain weave, twill variation, overshot, diversified plain weave, tapestry, and more.
  • And so much more!

This issue was scanned from an original print issue.

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Handwoven November/December 1996