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Handwoven, November/December 1986 Digital Edition

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Handwoven Nov/Dec 1986

Digital Magazine | 102 Pages

In this issue we'll take a close look at the elements which are needed to make beautiful garment fabrics designed to do what you want them to do. Well also include tips for how you can create exclusive fabrics which say "handwoven". Look for fabrics by Malin Seiander, Virginia West, Lillian Whipple and Sharon Alderman and articles by Nell Znamierowski and Ann Sutton. We'll be introducing our new Handwoven Designer Pattern series by Jean Scorgie, too.

Highlights of this magazine include:

  • Installation Ceremony of Guild Officers by Betty Gaudy
  • A Weaver's Puzzle
  • Portfolio: Fashion Designers
  • Sewing What You Weave by Claire Shaeffer

Projects include:

  • Idea Notebook: Carefree Cats
  • Samples--Quick and Easy by Betty Davenport
  • Idea Notebook: A Workshop Necklace by Margaret Sheppard
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Author/Designer: Handwoven Editors