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Handwoven, May/June 2013 Digital Edition

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Color Your Weave with the May/June 2013 Issue of Handwoven Magazine!

This issue of Handwoven is brimming with great weaving tips and techniques from a wide variety of popular designers and instructors. From insightful articles to fun projects, this issue will have you adding color to your weaving projects with ease and pleasure.


The feature articles of this issue will have you playing with color in no time:

  • Learn all about tints, tones, and shades with Sarah Lamb's article "Shadow and Light."
  • Nancy Roberts explains how to dye knitted blanks to create unique variegated yarns to use in your weaving.
  • Enter the world of internationally recognized tapestry weaver Máximo Laura and learn about his lifelong love affair with color
  • John Mullarkey, DeeDee Woodbury, Eileen Hallman, Gisela Von Weisz, and Jolanda Rietdijk offer some novel ideas for colorplay, from inkle weaving to shaft switching
  • Rita Hagenbruch launches the new Traditions department with an article about Swedish weaving swords and her happy shuttle towels (which can be woven with or without a sword).
  • Join Sara Goldenburg White in the Yarn Lab as she works with variegated yarns to create stunning fabric yet consistent fabrics

Test your color skills with 11 weaving projects!


You will have fun weaving scarves and towels in fun, bright, invigorating colorways. Put Sara Lamb’s color lessons into practice with Rebecca Fox's color study towels. Other projects include Mondrian-inspired inlaid pillows by Robin Lynde woven using the Theo Moorman technique, shimmering chenille circle scarves in diversified plain weave by Susan Poague, cheerful twill spring bouquet towels by Laura Fry, and vibrant warp-painted scarves by Suzie Liles.


Weave structures featured in the projects of this issue include summer and winter, diversified plain weave, over shot, plain weave, Theo Moorman inlay, doubleweave, twill, and Atwater-Bronson lace.


Whether you want to improve your color confidence or learn new techniques like nuno felting and weaving with dyed knitted blanks, the May/June 2013 issue of Handwoven magazine has what you're looking for.

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Handwoven Magazine May/June 2013: Color Weaving Techniques

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